Friday Flashback: The Time Tunnel

Classic TV sci-fi The Time Tunnel starred James Darren and Robert Colbert, and ran for just one season of 30 episodes from 1966 to 1967.

Produced by Irwin Allen, with theme music from John Williams, it was proof you could travel back in time (or sometimes forward) wearing a polo neck.

Here’s a much longer clip which includes Irwin Allen, Billy Mumy and cast.


  1. I loved Time Tunnel. I was reminded of it recently while watching Man in the High Tower. I thought their tunnel was so reminiscent of Time Tunnel…but without that groovy black and white spiral.

  2. They did do future trips as well, but this was rare as the show relied on much Hollywood stock footage to recreate the past on a budget and obviously there wasn’t much of that available for ‘the future’.

  3. Same here. The Time Tunnel was a favorite of mine back in the 60s. But my very favorite Irwin Allen 60s TV show started a few years earlier – Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

    With Time Tunnel, I wonder if there is a ‘missing’ episode where the lads time travel 50 plus years into the future, to 2020, where they found the world racked by a virulent and lethal pandemic, but the producers binned the ep because they felt that the audience would think that the plot was just too preposterous even for a sci-fi program.

  4. Fabulous flashback David, The Time Tunnel was one of my favourite shows! I watched this as a kid, probably in the late 70s, didn’t realise it was made much earlier. Loved James Darren in TJ Hooker too.

    • No-Dr Who wasn’t a thing in the US until relatively recently-there were a lot of sci fi/fantasy shows made around the time, many now long forgotten, remembering there were only 3 networks to broadcast on in the US in the 60s.

  5. I loved this show when I was a kid. I also liked irwin allens other shows eg Lost In Space, Land Of The Giants, Journey to the centre of the earth

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