Hot Seat filming out until Stage 4 ends

"Literally at 9:30 this morning I was gonna be bouncing out onto the set," says Eddie McGuire.

Hot Seat was due to film on three days this week in Melbourne, but now has to wait until Stage 4 restrictions are eased, currently scheduled for mid-September.

“Literally at 9:30 this morning I was gonna be bouncing out onto the set but we’ll have to wait now,” Eddie McGuire said this morning on Triple M radio.

Nine has a stockpile of new episodes, which it has run on several weeknights with some repeats, but has needed to resume filming which it planned with COVID-safe protocols.

“We spoke to Sony who actually own Millionaire Hot Seat worldwide, and they allowed us to stack up some shows. So I got stuck in over the summer and luckily was able to (film) a fair amount of Hot Seats,” said McGuire.

“We’re getting up to the end of the them, though.”

After Masked Singer outbreak three episodes became two, then one, and finally none.

“We were going to do three days of recording this week to break the back of it to try and get ourselves set, because this was probably the first time we could get in. It was all set up. We had worked on a set with no audience and we were going to have a perspex screen in between me and the and the contestant.

“It had all been ticked off and we’re ready to go until bloody Hughesy and his Masked Singer!”

Both Masked Singer and Hot Seat share facilities at Docklands studios.

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  1. Question: How do you actually know if episodes are repeats or not. Before the lockdown new episodes were labelled new next to the program title on the EPG. Now you check the EPG and there’s no clarification on whether they are new or not.

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