Luke Jacobz spills on The Proposal

There may have been more romance when the cameras were off than on, according to The Proposal host.

It was a short-live reality show on Seven, lasting just 8 episodes but 2019’s The Proposal managed to result in a baby -and possibly a few more short-lived backstage romances.

Host Luke Jacobz recently reflected on the Seven show with TV Tonight.

The Proposal was a really fun show to make. There were some real gold moments,” he said.

“It was based on an American-style show yeah, but there’s so many shows that work in certain countries.

“Australians aren’t really into pageant style shows, like Miss America, Miss World. But they are hugely televised in America. The sets were based off that, it was very much that kind of feel with different outfits and stuff.”

The dating show ambitiously asked hopeful singles to get on bended knee by the end of the episode and propose to a complete stranger. According to Jacobz there was talk of quite a few trysts when the cameras weren’t rolling…

“For a lot of the couples it was all the glitz and glamour of the show,” he continues.

“We shot two shows in a row, one with 8 single men and then 8 single women in the afternoon. But they all stayed at the same hotel. So there were rumours some people met from different shows!”

But at least one of the 8 couples did find love. Waitress Jess met paramedic Nathan on the show, and kept up their TV romance. Both are now parents to beby Koda Finley Parks, born in July. Nathan even restaged a proposal without the TV cameras last October (for which Jess said ‘Yes.’).

No such news from the other 7 couples who had proposed on air.

“I thought it was light entertainment,” says Jacobz. “I genuinely thought it was quite funny. Not that playing with people’s lives is funny but they were going in there with the knowledge that it was supposed to be light and fun.

“It was a gamble and it could have completely kicked off. I found it hilarious to work on because there was some really funny moments. But I think you had to be in the right headspace for it. But I enjoyed making it.

“I would have done another series if they’d asked me to!”

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  1. After all of Seven’s failed attempts to replicate the success of The Bachelor/MAFS over the years (The Single Wives, Kiss Bang Love, The Super Switch to name a few), who would have thought they would find moderate success with a reboot of a more wholesome show like Farmer Wants a Wife?

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