Married at First Sight dominates BVOD numbers in 2020

9Now’s Married at First Sight is the top performing Broadcast Video on Demand so far this year.

MAFS is more than twice its nearest competitor, 10 Play’s MasterChef Australia. 7Plus reality series Big Brother was the third highest local show in BVOD as of early August.

Also noteworthy is UK reality series Love Island, given its broadcast numbers are comparably modest. This reflects its young audience favouring online over linear broadcast.

Yesterday Seven noted Farmer Wants a Wife drew over 100 million minutes streamed across live and VOD, while 10 Play also is having its biggest year ever.


  1. James-original

    VPM is a better measure than using minutes.
    Minutes is the same as adding all Broadcast numbers together to come up with one massive number.
    The longer the episodes and higher the ep count = more likely to come near the top of a minute ranker.
    VPM gives an average audience number for each episode (same as broadcast).
    MAFS 35 episodes, Love Island 36. Big Brother 21 and Masterchef 61. A large range here.

  2. Airing 4 nights a week helps. Not really much of a surprise to see the reality shows dominating this list considering they are screened multiple times per week and have more cumulative minutes aired compared to serialised shows.

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