Masked Singer outbreak expands

COVID positive cases on 10 singing show grows with all crew in 14 day quarantine.

The number of positive cases on The Masked Singer has expanded from 7 to 16 people.

A 10 spokesperson said, “Network 10 can confirm that 16 members of The Masked Singer production team have received a positive test result for COVID-19. 

“All members of The Masked Singer production will undergo a 14-day period of self-quarantine as advised by the Department of Health and Human Services. All production crew will be adhering to this instruction. “

TV Tonight understands 289 tests have been conducted in relation to the show.

Last night speaking to The Project Dave Hughes noted “cast and dancers” were affected, but it is unclear if he was alluding to any celebrities in disguise.

Osher Günsberg told TV Tonight the Warner Bros. production had already gone to extraordinary lengths to keep its team safe, but still the virus emerged.

“No shared meal breaks, no shared spaces, everyone in masks. I can’t even tell you how the details of how tough it was. We had to prove to DHSS that we were able to make this thing safely. I’d say we were a great example of how you could do such a thing. But even so, it does prove just how vicious this virus, how gravely infectious it is,” he said.

Premier Daniel Andrews had also said of Stage 4 production, “They’re not decisions that are necessarily made by me. What I would say, though …in Screen for instance, there are some productions, that if they if they weren’t to continue, then the whole thing would basically fall over and would be lost to Victoria. Again, it’s done on a case by case basis, and it’s always accompanied by a COVID-safe plan.”

A 10 spokesperson continued, “The health and safety of the community, and our staff and production partners remains our number one priority. Network 10 is providing all crew with all the support and assistance possible.  

“We would like to thank the Victorian Government and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services for their continued support and assistance during this time.   

“We continue to work closely with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.”

The show continues on 10, but is yet to outline contingency for a grand final.

Updated: Now at 17 cases, with less than 5 results remaining outcome.

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  1. Hopefully everyone who has the virus will recover then they can focus on the grand final. How is Osher able to still present Bachelor?
    David in the 4th paragraph last night is mentioned twice.

  2. The contingency is simple, drop it to one night a week which will draw it out at least 2 more weeks, meaning they will have 4 weeks from now to get it right for a GF in week 5. The schedule could look like: MS on Sun, Batchy Mon, Tue, Wed and FF on a Thu. FF on Thu works as its a non footy option for the whole family.

    1. Of course, ratings will likely start tumbling if they change to only one night a week right now…there are still five “normal” episodes left until GF so maybe:

      – Air as previously scheduled for first two weeks
      – In week 3 changing over to one episode
      – The “Behind The Mask” special for week 4 (if it has been filmed)
      – Live? GF for week 5…

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