Netflix, Binge get all Friends episodes

Streaming platforms get very excited over the library to comedy mega-hit.

Streaming platforms are going to war on Friends reruns.

Seasons 1 – 10 of Friends will be available on both Netflix and Binge from Thursday 17 September. Update: Foxtel will also have all episodes.

The show remains one of television’s most popular reruns (including during a pandemic). 10 Peach swooped on reruns last October, where it screens in double episode at 7pm. A recent library deal in the US as sold for a handsome a $425m.

Binge Executive Director, Alison Hurbert-Burns, said: “We know Australians love Friends, it’s been a fan favourite for decades and is now being discovered by a whole new generation.

“We can’t wait to have this landmark comedy pivot to a new home next month as it joins Binge’s line-up of the world’s best shows. Could there be a better show to binge on?”

No platform / broadcaster has yet confirmed it will screen the Friends reunion when it takes place, although Foxtel / Binge has HBO Max content and would be the likely destination.

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  1. Despite owning the complete blu-ray boxset which has already been watched a couple of times, I still occasionally dip into the occasional classic episode on Stan if I want something quick and easy and I can’t be bothered getting up to my shelf…over there.

  2. Binge & Foxtel owned by same people of course just marketed/sold in different ways/bundles… but point taken, content owners have certainly done well to sell Friends twice…presumably, it was part of the big Warner/HBO package Foxtel secured recently but perhaps the terms of that package dictated Friends specifically could also be sold to another broadcaster or streaming service? Given its amazing ongoing longevity and popularity that would seem to be the reason for special circumstances applying? Unusual arrangement but money talks.
    Seem to recall reading recently that Friends and The Office (US) were the most popular shows by some margin on US Netflix – I believe both have now been (or will be) pulled for NBC’s own streamer, Peacock.

    1. End of July on HBO Max it was Friends, the new show Love Life and then The Big Bang Theory according to TV Guide, so yeah Friends has continued on from topping Netflix without a glitch really. Friends is on HBO Max and exclusive to them for 5 years at a cost of US$425 million (US$85 million per year), The Office (US) is moving to Peacock in January 2021 with a reboot possibly in the works as well:

      “It is my hope and goal that we do an Office reboot,” NBCU’s Bonnie Hammer, Chairman of Direct-to-Consumer and Digital Enterprises, told Deadline. NBCU recently acquired streaming rights to NBC’s The Office for US$500+ million, taking it away from Netflix where the series starring Carell has flourished. “The Office comes back to us in January 2021. It is my hope that we can figure what that great reboot would be,” Hammer said, adding, “We are having conversations.”

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