Nine News presenters to share lockdown life

As Melbourne enters its third week of Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions Nine News presenters Peter Hitchener, Tony Jones and Livinia Nixon will share how they have been coping.

9News Unmasked will be broadcast on from 7.00pm Wednesday.

The hosts of Melbourne’s No. 1 news bulletin will provide a light-hearted glimpse into how they have been dealing with this latest phase of isolation.

We’ll hear how Hitch has rediscovered jogging since he has been taking his house-bound elderly neighbour’s Siberian husky for a daily outing.

TJ will reveal his love of the art of woodwork and share with us the many creations he has been crafting, from wooden pens to outdoor furniture.

And Livinia will tell us how she has been keeping fit with her new wind-trainer in order to counter the homemade pasta she has been making with her boys.

Plus we’ll relive some of the funniest moments and highlights of their careers.


    • Fair enough I suppose, I just find it very strange that people are so interested in the trivial activities of other people who they don’t, and probably never will, know.

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