Nine waiting on Ellen investigation before any decision in Australia

"We're waiting to see what the US are doing," says Nine programming director, on Ellen show future.

Ellen de Generes may be great clickbait right now, but reports of her show’s demise in Australia are a tad premature.

Nine is still awaiting the outcome of an investigation by Warner Media around allegations of a ‘toxic’ workplace on The Ellen De Generes Show, and there are still decisions to be made around production of the next season.

Yesterday reports emerged the show could be axed in Australia.

Nine programming director Hamish Turner says there were unrelated reasons that episodes of the home isolation edition have not been screening.

“They went to basically a clip version of the show at home. She wasn’t producing any content, so under the deal, we didn’t have to take them,” he tells TV Tonight.

“Do we have rights beyond this year? The answer to that is no.

“But we’ll wait to hear from Warner Brothers as to the results of their internal inquiry, because at the moment, they haven’t even come forward with what the show is, or when it might go back into production.

“We’re waiting to see what the US are doing and then obviously we’ll need to negotiate rates.

“There’s a lot to go under the bridge before we even get to that stage. We haven’t got a clear picture yet.”

Meanwhile The Ellen DeGeneres Show also screens locally on FOX Arena, meaning talk of the axe in Australia is doubly premature….

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  1. I’ve been wondering why the hone shows weren’t screening.
    This is a bit unfair to Ellen, I believe that producer is no longer working on the show.
    I hope the show continues. I didn’t know it was screened on arena too.

    1. Whether or not she’s a jerk is one thing, however it’s now spawned into numerous people who’ve worked on the show alleging unfair dismissal, bullying, racism and a host of other things. While these allegations aren’t directed at Ellen herself, the show ultimately carries her name.

      1. So because it carries her name she is guilty by association? Lets go straight to the boycotting and throwing everyone on the show into unemployment. There is no problem with the content of the show, it is a workplace issue involving allegations about treatment by three producers. If Ellen’s EP credit means she has management responsibilities for staff issues, she may bare some responsibility, if she there just to host and because of her celebrity connections then probably not. These are matters that will be investigation. The decision will be WB’s and will likely be made on whether or not they think the show will be profitable in the future, as it won’t be profitable during the pandemic.

  2. I don’t like Ellen, I don’t watch her show. That said, leave it on. If people want to watch it, let them make that choice. Yeah, she may be mean, but it’s not like she was parting with Epstein on his island. If people stop watching, then take it off.

  3. It was odd to see the show was on the television yesterday. The choice is to keep showing it until the investigation is done before making a decision, or to stop showing it until the investigation is done. It could be seen as implicit support by continuing to air the program.

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