Nine wanted Murdoch doco

If ABC had not nabbed prized Murdoch doco, Nine was ready to swoop.

A prized BBC documentary on the Murdoch empire was on Nine’s wish-list before ABC secured the rights.

The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty, a three part doco which screened in the UK in July, examines Rupert Murdoch’s influence on world events and the dramatic personal battle for power. It has been described as “Succession with phone hacking and foam pies.”

ABC has secured the rights in Australia. But Nine sources confirmed to TV Tonight, if ABC had not exercised their option on the series, it would have swooped.

No airdate has yet been announced by ABC.


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    1. … not to mention another round of Murdoch bashing by the ABC and rags like the Guardian (although…does it ever really stop?) in the lead-up to this airing 🤣🤣🤣 … although I’m personally waiting for the Redstone dynasty doco … they make the Murdoch family look like babes-in-the-wood by comparison …

  1. Couldn’t think of any subject less appealing for more than a handful of reasons. A happy personal challenge in life – with quite some success – has been to avoid contributing to the bottom line of businesses owned by this subject.
    Not impacting anything significant – but it sure feels good!

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