Oops. Christine Anu drops F-bomb

Singer Christine Anu was so in the moment when Carrie Bickmore suggested she re-release My Island Home last night on The Project that she forgot she was Live to air.

Right before family show The Masked Singer too….


  1. I really wish someone would ask Christine about a different song of hers, it’s like “My Island Home” was the only thing she ever did. Someone ask about “Monkey and the Turtle”, I loved that song!! ☺

  2. Strangely the offending line was muted in the 11:30(ish) rerun. Not just the F-word, the whole sentence. Can’t have people swearing in between commercials for phone sex lines!

  3. LOL! That was absolute gold! Naughty Christine/Goldfish, but very funny. But I don’t understand why they bleeped it out in the encore. It was 12.30am. Who was going to be offended at that time of the night?

  4. there was something weird and awkward about the whole interview, she did not seem very happy to be there, giving one word answers and barely cracking a smile in what was supposed to be a light interview.

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