Oops. Nine News wrong take?

Right now it can be tough just doing routine things like getting the news to air.

Nine News looks to have used the wrong take in this story by Lana Murphy, as she covers Melbourne’s punishing Stage 4 lockdown.

Hang in there Lana, you’re not alone in your exasperation…


  1. editor needs to have a long hard look at themselves. that should have been picked up. Lana is a good reporter, unfortunately someone has let her down, just shows the stress people are under to miss that mistake.

  2. … we were always taught never to swear anywhere near a microphone on the assumption that someone, somewhere would inevitably cock it up … did we take any notice of that advice? of course not … until it happened to you!!!

  3. Oops indeed! Re-takes are not uncommon. Reporters just hope the right version gets played by busy people in the control booth! Lana does a great job for 9 News.

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