Planet America wins late slot

Ratings: ABC shows Hard Quiz, Mad as Hell, and Planet America all won their slots.

Back in a 9:30 timeslot Planet America last night won its slot at 387,000 viewers.

That’s a good result for a show that has been plugging away with Chas Licciardello and John Barron since 2012. And can we say cost effective?

That wasn’t the only good news for ABC. Hard Quiz led in entertainment stakes at 737,000, ahead of The Bachelor (672,000), 7:30 (667,000), RBT (427,000), Highway Patrol (372,000 / 336,000) and Britain’s Ancient Tracks (270,000).

Later Mad as Hell also won its slot on 649,000 then Emergency (513,000) and Rosehaven (473,000).

Elsewhere Sunrise resumed a wider lead over the competition.

Seven network won Wednesday with 26.6% then Nine 25.0%, ABC 19.5%, 10 19.0% and SBS 10.0%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.13m / 1.09m for Seven then Home & Away (622,000), The Chase (621,000 / 384,000) and movie: Wonder Woman (312,000).

Nine News was best for Nine at (1.01m / 958,000) then A Current Affair (687,000) and Hot Seat (558,000 / 327,000). Botched pulled 319,000.

ABC News won its slot on 776,000. The Drum drew 201,000 and QI was 199,000.

The Project was 571,000 / 344,000 for 10 with 10 News First (373,000 / 267,000), Tommy (240,000) and Bull (162,000) behind.

On SBS it was Sydney’s Super Tunnel (292,000), SBS World News (194,000), Luther (107,000) and Mastermind (92,000).

NCIS topped multichannels at 218,000.

Sunrise: 286,000
Today: 237,000
News Breakfast: 159,000 / 54,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 19 August 2020.

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    1. Yeah I’m enjoying it. There’s a similar one on SBS at 4.30 today and tomorrow called London’s Super Tunnel. I’m a sucker for engineering shows. I didn’t know I was until recently now I can’t get enough. There was a recent one on the Channel Tunnel, one on the London Underground, then there’s Abandoned Engineering on Sundays, all on SBS.

  1. Planet America has become a must watch for me. Its got it all; well researched and presented segments, high profile guests, good chemistry, entertainment and a bit of comedy.

    They cover so much ground in 30 mins and its all very engaging and easy to understand.

    1. Agree with Mr. J and Jezzanew’s comments… good example of a slow-burner in TV terms. Started off on ABC News channel (only) I think, later getting a late-night repeat on the ‘main’ ABC TV channel (normally post-11pm) before getting a promotion to the kind of slot it’s occupying now. It may be partly inflated interest in US news and politics throughout this year (and now run up to November’s big election of course) but it’s also an engaging and well put together and very deserving of its growing viewer appeal.

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