Report: Seven sets sights on State of Origin

First The Voice, then State of Origin…?

The Australian is reporting Seven may now have State of Origin -and potentially all of NRL– in its sights, if it walks away from a Cricket Australia deal.

An article suggests if (and it’s only an if) the Cricket Australia deal is torn up, it frees up about $100m and Seven could target rugby league’s commercial broadcasting rights.

The Sydney Morning Herald also reported CA has triggered a force majeure, or ‘Act of God’ section, in its broadcast contract, which refers to unforeseen events beyond the control of either party, in its stoush with Seven.

Sources close to Seven confirmed the network was already sizing up an offer for Origin that could extend to the premiership.

The story indicates Seven powerbrokers have also had informal talks with Foxtel over a sharing arrangement that could result in Origin being simulcast from 2023, when the NRL’s deal with the Nine Network is due to expire.

Another report today also mentioned Seven had its eye on Australian Ninja Warrior.

So far nobody is chasing down the rights to The Bob Morrison Show.

Source: Courier Mail


  1. Seven must be the most boring network in Australia – no interesting ideas just raping and pillaging shit from other networks, content, sports, presenters/hosts.

  2. No…. seriously no way.!
    Channel 7 are just crazy and will definetely destroy State of Origin. They grab shows and then kill it. They will kill the Best Sporting Event forever, no more Origin, the Rivalry, I will be so angry!!!!

    Channel 7 go away and make your own shows & events, so annoying.!!

  3. thedirtydigger

    And in a late breaking development Seven has announced the poaching of the entire National Nine News team and has coaxed Brian Henderson out of retirement to present . ..Seven has also announced that Hendo will also reboot his popular live music series Bandstand with Manu as his co compere …Col Joye and his Joyboys will be among the first guests it’s rumoured.

    • Seven is about to announce The Block, MAFS, A Current Affair, 60 Minutes, RBT, True Story with Hamish & Andy, Travel Guides, Doctor Doctor, Carols by Candlelight, and Peter Overton hosting its Sydney News

  4. These all seem like very expensive acquisitions for a network that regularly has it’s financial woes featured on the business section of various news websites.

  5. In years to come we will be reading and analyzing how Seven West Media became no more!!!! This is complete madness!!! There finances just won’t allow them to do all of this .

  6. With regards to the cricket apparently in the contract there is something that says “you must deliver a product which is the equal or better to the one you delivered last year” so I can understand why 7 wants a discount. But I don’t think they would walk away. They paid way too much for the cricket and if the ditch it they have nothing for the summer.

  7. Let’s change the name to 9Lite. Surely someone at 7 can find an original format. I’m surprised that with their penchant for dating shows they haven’t gone after MAFS.

    Can someone please tell me how debt ridden 7 is able to afford all these shows?

  8. Geez, how much were Seven paying Mellissa Doyle!!!. She leaves and Seven going on a shopping spree. Alternatively, if I was working at Seven, I would be getting my resume up to date as they are going to have to pay for these somehow and I doubt executives will be taking pay cuts or reducing their bonuses!!!

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