“See you next week”

Good news for News Breakfast floor manager, and therefore Michael Rowland, Lisa Millar, Nate Byrne and other ABC staff, who has been given the all clear following a COVID-19 test.

On Twitter, host Michael Rowland extended best wishes to their floor manager’s wife Lisa, who tested positive earlier.

After self-isolating as a precaution the team will return to the studio on Monday.


  1. So does the FM who is negative return home each day to his wife who is positive? Or does the FM take time off until she is confirmed negative? I’m just not quite sure how he can be sure he is negative on an ongoing basis.

  2. They often feature their legend FM – glad they are back on track. Lots of viewers will be tuning in to hear the rumoured Covid news.

  3. Over a billion dollars a year it costs Australia to fund ABC, that’s not counting SBS. When will this stop, they should allow advertising/ commercials on their platforms to earn revenue before it’s to late.

    • daveinprogress

      yes my thoughts exactly. I’ve just had to start a 10 day period of iso due to a possible contact with someone at a gym in Sydney last Monday. Irrespective of whether i test positive or negative ive been mandated for the 14 days from the day of potential exposure. Maybe the Breakfast team risk dates back a few more days hence clearance now, but it seems quick.

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