“She was a force of nature”

Former Glee stars Jane Lynch & Heather Morris pay tribute to the late Naya Rivera.

Former Glee star Jane Lynch has paid tribute to the late Naya Rivera, who tragically drowned in a California lake last month, aged just 33 years old.

Speaking to the NBC Today show she said, “She was a force of nature, and it’s just gut-wrenching and heartbreaking that she’s gone.

“I think that one of the things that kind of got lost when we were doing the show was what a force she was because there were so many talented people,” Lynch said. “She was one of those people. She wasn’t in every scene, but when she was … she just blew everybody away.

“I had three-page monologues, so did she. It took me a week to get mine – she would do them right off the bat. She’d be changing them and she had no problem with it.”

Fellow co-star Heather Morris also recently posted an emotional video for fans, saying, “I’ve been feeling this, like, aching in my heart to connect with my fans, to connect with everybody who’s been feeling a little lost, a little confused during this time.” (Click to view in full)

She also acknowledged the significance of the Brittney / Santana gay relationship in Glee.

“I felt a really deep need to connect to all of you right now,” she said, “because I just know how important our relationship was to you all. I know a lot of you feel very lost and very far away from what happened, maybe a little bit confused. And that’s completely normal. But I felt like I owed it to you guys because I think the fans had such a huge impact on our storyline, and I want to thank you all for being such advocates and so supportive of Santana and Brittany’s relationship because without you guys it never would have existed.”

Source: Deadline

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