Son updates on Ernie Sigley’s health

"The love that me and him have will never go," says son Dave Sigley.

Dave Sigley, son of TV legend Ernie Sigley, has given an update on his father’s health.

The family previously announced in October 2016 that Ernie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and later made the tough decision to put him in full-time care.

Dave Sigley, who is a minister for the Uniting Church told ABC, “It’s a strange period to be in because he hasn’t passed away, but in another way you feel like he has.

“He doesn’t know my name but the love that me and him have will never go. It’s an important thing to remember and hold onto.

“One thing that gives me joy is that he gave so many people joy.”

Ernie, now 81, enjoyed over 55 years in show business, notably on Adelaide Tonight, The Ernie Sigley Show, Wheel of Fortune, In Melbourne Today & Radio 3AW.

He retired in 2008.

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  1. Very sad to read David. His knowledge was amazing, sadly lost to this awful disease. It was when I use to listen to him on 3AW in the afternoons that I found out about your site. That must be about 13-14 years ago now. You filled in the TV segment for either the late Robert Fidgeon or Melinda Houston.

    1. Many thanks… yes I did some radio with Ernie, Denis and occasionally Tom, plus a long stint on JOY and a few others here and there. Ernie was first to have me on AW so I am very grateful. He was tricky tho, at least I never got fired!

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