Studios drop out of MIPCOM event

Major studios are pulling out of annual trade event MIPCOM in Cannes this year, in which shows are bought and sold with players from around the world.

A+E Networks, BBC Studios, Fremantle, eOne, ITV Studios, Sony have all signalled they will not be attending the French event, due to COVID-19 concerns. Banijay and All3Media are yet to commit.

The event is planned for October 12-14, one day shorter than usual and without the usual exhibitor stands. Organisers dub this Mipcom Rendezvous Cannes, with MIPJunior running alongside the main event.

“We understand that some people will be unable to travel to Cannes, so they can be part of the Mipcom experience digitally,” said Reed Midem’s television division director Laurine Garaude.

“New health and safety guidelines meant considerable disruption and extra costs for exhibitors and their stands, so we decided there will be no exhibition stands at Mipcom Rendezvous Cannes.”

However ITV Studios is also launching its own virtual event for buyers.

Source: Deadline

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  1. The line to click on this story is “Major studios are snubbing this year….”

    According to the dictionary, when used as a verb (which you have) the meaning of the word snub is “rebuff, ignore, or spurn disdainfully”

    So the perceived viewpoint of this story is that the studios not attending due to Covid-19 concerns are “showing contempt or lack of respect.”

    It is possible that you are a Covid-19 denier, in which the story is correct.

    Alternatively, the love of showbiz reporters to use the snub in award show stories
    may have taken you up a path you were not intending.

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