Supernatural resumes filming final episodes

“Here we go…”

Those are the words producer Jim Michaels used to signal the resumption of filming on Supernatural in Vancouver.

Supernatural was among the more than 100 shows impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, with production halting on March 13. Though filming through to Episode 18 had been completed, post-production on the episodes yet to be aired hadn’t been completed before the shutdown. This resulted in the series going on hiatus on March 23 at Episode 13.

In the US, The CW has announced that the series would return with new Season 15 episodes from Thursday, Oct. 8. The series finale (Episode 20) is due there on Nov. 19 , preceded by an hour-long special, titled Supernatural: The Long Road Home.

10 Peach had planned to catch up to the US, more or less, for the finale so fingers crossed they can accommodate a fast-tracked finale for fans in Australia.

Source: TV Guide


  1. Very good news, so glad they are back to filming. Will be good to see how it all ends after being there from the end. I started the season behind even the screen date so caught up as well a few months ago, then COVID hit.

  2. This is really good but also really bad news. I can’t wait for new Supernatural but when it does it that’s it no more new Supernatural.

    This has to be fast tracked. This is one of the longest running shows and has a loyal fanbase. The fans deserve to see this without being spoiled and the show deserves a good send off.

    Come on 10 do right by the fans and get rid of 1 episode of Seinfeld that is on every night and has been repeated 1000 times and have Supernatural at 8.30 Fridays it’s only for 7 weeks anyway.

    I wonder if the special will be on 10 Peach as well. They could make a night out of the finale 8.30 the final episode then the special at 9.30 and repeat the pilot at 10.30 so we can see how much Sam and Dean have changed and grown over the 15 years the show has been going.

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