The Bachelor 2020: meet the cast

Here are the 23 women vying for the affections of Locky Gilbert.

Season 8 of The Bachelor on 10 features Australian Survivor cast member Locky Gilbert, a 30-year-old adventure guide from Perth.

“I really want to find love. I’m pretty content with my life at the moment. I go on these crazy adventures, but I’d love someone to share the memories with,” he says.

“I’ve got best friends, but I want to find that one best friend that I can spend the rest of my life with. This is an amazing opportunity to hopefully find someone special at the end.”

Osher Günsberg returns as host as 23 women vie for Gilbert’s affections.

Here they are.

Areeba, 25, NSW
Home Loan Officer
Honest and frank, Areeba is a passionate woman who is easily fired up. The 25-year-old powerhouse is looking for a man who is happy to have a headstrong woman in his life, but knows when to put her in her place.
Describe your perfect man.
Funny and sarcastic, yet gentle and caring, and loves to spoil.
Describe your dream date.
My dream date would be eating food, laughing a lot and having the best time together. It doesn’t matter where that is.

Bel, 25, NSW
Media Buyer
Country girl Bel is looking for a man who respects her, is ambitious, doesn’t take himself too seriously and has strong family values. The 25-year-old is ready to put herself out there and wants to fall in love.
What do you have to offer a potential partner?
An adventure every day and lots of laughs.
What makes you the ultimate catch for a Bachelor?
My free nature and loyalty.
What is your secret talent?
Guessing Triple J’s Hottest 100 – except I failed this year, so maybe not.

Bella, 25, NSW
Marketing Consultant
Passionate about environmental conservation, Bella loves the ocean and spends most of
her time there. The 25-year-old always gives people the benefit of the doubt and with a bad habit of attracting men who are not ready for a relationship, Bella is ready to build a life with someone special.
Why do you think you are still single?
I fall for someone very quickly. But sometimes, that includes falling for the wrong person and ends with me giving them way more chances than they deserve. I often get the whole, “you’re the person I want to end up with, but I’m just not ready for that right now.”
Describe your dream date.
It would be a mix between spending the day
by the ocean, and then heading to a moonlight cinema or sunset picnic with some wine, being able to cozy up and look at the stars!

Charley, 25, Queensland
P.E. Teacher
A strong, independent and proud Indigenous woman, Charley is ready to fall in love again with a man she doesn’t have to share. An absolute bundle of energy, she is tired of her students telling her to get a boyfriend and hopes that this is her chance to find The One.
Describe yourself in five words.
Intelligent, enigmatic (when it comes to relationships), dynamic, uplifting and confident.
What do you have to offer a potential partner?
Intelligent conversations, caring and empathetic behaviours. Essentially, I can offer him the world if he deserves it.

Clare, 26, Western Australia
Admin Assistant
Bubbly, with a fondness for dad jokes, Clare is a passionate traveler looking for a man with nice eyes and a nice smile. Growing up on a farm, and after years of putting relationships on the backburner, Clare is looking for the kind of love her parents have.
Why did you apply for the show?
At first it was a bit like, “oh well why not…
Very unlikely I’d even get on.” But when I was contacted about going on the show, I thought it was maybe my turn to find true love.
Describe your perfect man.
Someone who is family orientated, likes to have a good laugh – even at their own expense – and someone who is truly your best friend.

Gemma, 28, Queensland
Property Manager
Gemma has travelled to over 40 countries and would love to find a best friend to share life’s ups and downs with. The former beauty queen describes herself as a philanthropist who is passionate about spreading positivity throughout the world.
Describe your dream date.
My dream date would be something by the water, maybe a helicopter or yacht to a secluded beach. As long as we were both happy, having some good banter, laughing and having a good time, that’s what matters most.
What do you have to offer a potential partner?
I have a lot to offer but I also know my self-worth and won’t settle until I know I have met my perfect match.

Georgie, 32, Tasmania
Project Manager
Georgie loves being outdoors at the beach, reading, meditating, and enjoying the sunshine and hopes to find a man with similar interests.
The single mum of two strongly believes in the law of attraction and has a good feeling that this year is her year to find love.
Have you been in love before?
Not yet. I have loved others and I love with ease but have never truly been in love. I would love to experience that type of love in this lifetime. Hopefully, that happens with the Bachelor.
Describe your perfect man.
I’m not looking for someone to tick all of the boxes or for someone who looks a particular way. I’m looking for someone who looks at me with feeling, gives me butterflies in my tummy and makes me feel loved. Someone who greatly values the people in his life, is driven, prefers the silly times over
the serious, enjoys a bit of adventure and has a sneaky BIG heart.

Irena, 31, Victoria
Chatty and confident, Irena is passionate about the environment and animals, and sees herself as an advocate for the world we live in. After her parents became engaged 10 days after meeting, the 31-year-old Nurse believes in love and knows it can be found in the most unexpected ways.
Describe yourself in five words.
Honest, caring, generous, loyal and funny.
What do you have to offer a potential partner?
A relationship that would be built on honesty, good home cooked meals, fun and exciting adventures.
Describe your dream date.
Something outdoors, like a hike through a beautiful forest or garden, followed by a picnic of wine and treats.

Izzy, 29, Queensland
H.R. Advisor
Full of energy with a loud contagious laugh, Izzy loves love, wears her heart on her sleeve, and falls hard and fast. Happy with everything in her life, the 29-year-old now wants to find someone who enjoys getting amongst the outdoors and shares her love of travel.
What do you have to offer a potential partner?
Endless love and good times, plenty of questionable decisions (I like to call it
‘spontaneity’) and a positive attitude.
How do you plan on winning over the Bachelor’s heart?
I’m just going to be myself! And maybe my cooking.

Juliette, 34, NSW
Full of contradictions, Juliette sees herself as wild yet conservative, honest but sensitive. The 34-year-old has been single for 11 years and
is still looking for a man who has a joyful, fun personality and will respect and honour her. Family means everything to Juliette, and she hopes to find the kind of love her parents have experienced.
Describe your perfect man.
Ideally someone who is emotionally intelligent, possesses great communication skills, loyal, compassionate, optimistic, easy going and confident.
Why do you think you’re still single?
I went through some crazy life situations, that forced me to go on a journey of self-discovery and work out what kind of woman I wanted to be. Now that I finally feel fulfilled and admire my spirit, I am ready to share that with a special man. I have also spent extended periods of time travelling and living in abroad, so had a very bohemian lifestyle.

Kristina, 24, Western Australia
PhD Scholar
Intelligent, loyal and sporty, Kristina is a keen boxer who isn’t afraid to face anyone head on.
The 24-year-old is looking for a man who will keep her on her toes, but still respect her at the same time – gas lighters need not apply! The PhD Scholar has been single long enough and can’t wait to get back on the love bandwagon.
What would be a deal breaker for you?
Bad communication. My ex was really bad at dealing with arguments which meant when I communicated something I wasn’t happy with, he would randomly bring something he’d been stewing on or say I wasn’t perfect, as if it were a tit for tat situation. This made the argument a lot bigger than it should have been. So how they communicate is a big one for me.
Describe your dream date.
I really love the water, so a boat date where we get to swim, would be amazing.

Laura, 24, Western Australia
Marketing Co-ordinator
Feisty with an appreciation for the finer things in life, Laura is over modern dating and is excited to push the boundaries of status quo dating when meeting the Bachelor. Her ideal man will treat her like a queen. Admittedly cliquey with her group of friend, Laura has high expectations and expects others to follow her example.
Describe yourself in five words.
Sassy, OCD, cute, outgoing and overthinker.
Describe your perfect man.
A guy who is well put together, has similar interests, passions and values as myself. I am also a sucker for dark hair and brown eyes.
What’s the worst date you’ve been on?
He suggested dinner at Nobu, was two hours late to picking me up and when we got to the restaurant, he hadn’t booked. Luckily we were seated, however he didn’t eat anything; it was very strange, and I never replied to his attempts to have a follow up date.

Leilani, 27, NSW
Partnerships Manager
Kind-hearted go-getter Leilani falls hard and fast, taking the all or nothing approach to love. A huge romantic who would travel anywhere for love, the 27-year-old has kissed a few frogs, so is asking for help to find her Prince Charming. While she sees herself as ‘marriage material’, Leilani’s family describe her as a spontaneous over achiever, who always reaches for the stars.
Describe your perfect man.
My perfect man would be self-motivated, career- driven and supportive. He’d like to have a good time, and also have a naughty side.
Describe yourself in five words.
Outgoing, fun, loving, intimidating and cheeky.

Maddy, 25, Tasmania
Hopeless when it comes to love, Maddy dreams about her big white wedding, three kids and her dream house. Loyal and kind, the 25-year-old is passionate about helping those less fortunate and helping shape young lives. After being single for the past four years, Maddy wants to change tactics on finding love.
Why did you apply for the show?
I applied for the show for many reasons! Firstly, it is by far my favourite television show. I love new experiences and love the fact that the girls on the show always get to experience such fun and adventurous dates, which is not what happens
in real life when dating. I am turning 26 this year and time is flying by. I am ready to get married and have kids, so all I need now is a man. I don’t want to be an old lady who lives in a little flat with 10 cats. I don’t even like cats!

Marg, 23, Victoria
Car Sales Consultant
Confident, fun and outgoing, Marg comes from
a large Greek family who are constantly putting pressure on her to find a man. With the gift of the gab, the 23-year-old knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Passionate about living life in the moment, Marg is looking to find a partner who is also her best friend.
Compare your love life up to now, with a romantic comedy—and explain your choice! Clueless. I don’t think I need to explain anymore. I’m really clueless when it comes to dating and I’m very picky!
How would you handle confrontation in the Bachelor mansion?
If it doesn’t involve me directly then I’m going
to try and stay out of it. I really don’t like catty behaviour, but I am not afraid of defending myself and being honest if needed.

Marlaina, 31, Victoria
Fundraising Co-ordinator
Dad-joke enthusiast Marlaina is footy crazy and looking to meet her goofy soulmate. With her beloved border collie Annie acting as her
‘official approver of dates’, being with someone who isn’t a dog lover is not an option. Sassy and confident Marlaina is hoping that finding love the unconventional way, will work for her.
Why did you apply for the show?
I’ve tried the online dating scene and dating in real life wasn’t working either, so with a glass of wine one night I thought “wine not?” Cringeworthy? Yes. Worth it? Also yes.
Why do you think you are still single?
I have always been someone who only enters a relationship, with the intention of making it work, and never dated for the sake of it. I would rather be single and happy than in a relationship just because I was lonely or bored.

Nadine, 30, Victoria
Hailing from Lebanon and inked with the saying, “better to have loved and lost than not have
loved at all”, Nadine is ready to meet her forever man. Driven by independence, confidence, and success, the 30-year-old entrepreneur was once a criminologist and knows what to do if anyone crosses her.
Why did you apply for the show?
It was the right time.
Describe your ideal man.
My perfect partner would be someone who shares the same morals and values as myself, is respectable and calm, but knows how and when to be a man and can take control, has a good work ethic, plus loves his family and animals.

Nicole, 26, NSW
Professional Dancer
Nicole loves to dance and has a talent for assembling flat pack furniture. With only one date under her belt so far, Nicole hopes 2020 will be different. She is ready for a serious relationship and is looking for a genuine, decent human being who will accept her for all her quirks.
Describe your perfect man.
My perfect partner would be someone that helps me to be the best version of myself.
How would you describe your personality?
I am the kind of person who can be quite
quiet and reserved at first. However, once I’m comfortable, I’m quite a confident, fun loving, energetic person and always up for a good time.

Paige, 31, Victoria
Funny and compassionate, Paige loves to make people laugh and can be a bit of a prankster.
The country girl-turned-model believes life is too short not to take risks and is looking for her magical fairy-tale with a good honest Aussie bloke. With a 100 kilogram pet pig Mr Pickles at her side, Paige hopes to add to her family with a man who has the same morals and values that she has.
Why did you apply for the show?
I have zero interest in dating apps or going to clubs, so I thought I had nothing to lose! I’m a huge romantic and if things were to work out for the Bachelor and I, it would be an incredible fairy- tale love story.
Describe yourself in five words.
Loyal, honest, compassionate, kind and quirky.

Rosemary, 23, Queensland
Retail Manager
Self-confessed penguin enthusiast, Rosemary has never had a boyfriend and is yet to be in love. Loud, talkative and enthusiastic, the 23-year-old grew up on farms throughout her childhood and is looking for an honest guy who accepts her for who she is and see her as their wife.
Describe your perfect man.
He would be an honest, trustworthy and loyal man with good values and loves to have a laugh.
How would you describe your personality?
Super bubbly, quirky and I never take myself too seriously.
If you could pick someone to play you in a movie about your life, who would it be and why?
Definitely Drew Barrymore! She’s kind, quirky, funny and has taken on a few challenging roles but like in The Wedding Singer, she always has a happy ending finding the love of her life.

Roxi, 29, Queensland
Mechnical Engineer
Confident, feisty and hot-headed, Roxi loves to go on crazy adventures and is looking for a smart guy who is rough around the edges. The only prerequisite this Mechanical Engineer has is that he can’t be smarter than her, as she wants to win all arguments!
Why do you think you are still single?
I don’t go out to meet a lot of people, so I’m not putting myself out there enough.
What’s the worst date you have been on?
I haven’t been on many dates, so can’t say I have ever had any doozys.
What makes you the ultimate catch for the Bachelor?
I am a qualified Mechanical Engineer who is halfway through a law degree. I drive a beautiful BMW sports car and live in my own unit. On paper, I’m a catch!

Steph, 26, Victoria
Special Needs Teacher
Spontaneous and up for anything, Steph is a great storyteller with back catalogue of hilarious anecdotes. Upfront and honest with a positive outlook on life, the 26-year-old Special Needs
Teacher thinks that short men without banter are an absolute deal breaker. Steph is looking for a man who isn’t afraid to get dirty in the outdoors and hopes to find her soul mate.
How do you plan on winning over The Bachelor’s heart?
If it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be. If he’s after a free-spirited, positive girl, then here I am.
Describe your ideal man.
He should have a good sense of humour, have banter and be a big kid at heart. Hopefully push me out of my comfort zone and make me a better person. He should be honest, self-motivated and independent, but not the arrogant type. A huge plus would be that he is taller than me and fit
and healthy, but other than that I do not have a physical type.

Zoe-Clare, 23, Queensland
Sales Manager
Fiery and sassy, Zoe-Clare has no filter. Although raised in the country, this 23-year-old sees herself more as a city slicker. Tired of dating losers and looking for her happily ever after,
this redhead wants a real man who shares her family’s love of sport.
Why do you think you’re still single?
After my last relationship I focused heavily on work and kind of shut out the opportunity to meet someone.
Describe your perfect man.
Loving, intelligent, tall, with pretty eyes and handsome!
What are your relationship deal breakers?
Cheating, sexist, and narcissistic men.

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