The Block beats Plate of Origin debut

Ratings: Nine wins Sunday as Seven launches new series. ABC's Vera conquers later timeslot.

Sunday night was a big reality test.

The Block drew 943,000 for Nine, rising to 1.02m for its Room Winner portion and topped the demos.

It was a battle for second place. Plate of Origin launched to 667,000, down on last week’s penultimate Farmer episode, but just ahead of Shetland 658,000 from 7:40pm. 10 simply did not have skin in the game.

Later Vera conquered at 713,000 then 60 Minutes (456,000), Crime Investigation Australia: Most Infamous (369,000).

Nine network won Sunday with 30.1% then Seven 26.2%, ABC 22.1%, 10 12.7% and SBS 8.9%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.17m for Seven. Between Two Worlds was 122,000 / 69,000.

Nine News drew 1.03m for Nine with a late edition at 278,000.

ABC News was 837,000. Australia Remastered pulled 276,000 for ABC.

10 languished under 400,000 all night, and for much of it under 300,000. The Sunday Project was best at 362,000 / 306,000. 10 News First (288,000), and Family Feud (250,000) and FBI (178,000 / 132,000).

On SBS it was SBS World News (161,000), Tour de France (160,000) and Lost Pyramids Of The Aztecs (157,000).

NCIS led multichannels at 166,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 30 August 2020

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  1. I’m a bit surprised at all the negativity towards Plate of Origin. Granted, it’s not rocket science, but it’s wholesome and something that’s a bit of fun and I’m really looking forward to finding out about food I’m not familiar with such as from Cameroon and Venezuela.

  2. It looks like Ten has just given up on Sunday nights. Family Feud is fun but it is not Sunday prime time level. They initially promoted FF on Tuesday nights and thats where they should have had it. Put Masked Singer on Sunday and Monday nights and watch The Block and POO sweat.

  3. Such a heavy bias towards channel 10 by so many subscribers on here. Is it because they have a more leftist element and channel 10 is regarded the ABC of commercial TV? Is it the underdog tag? The criticism towards the other channels in particular towards channel 7 is wearing thin and predictable! Regardless whether channel 10 has horrid shows, many of you are quick to their defense. If their ratings are low your assuming it’s due to the scheduling. Hmm

    1. I’ve been asked in the past why 10 shows do well in reader awards, for example, versus TV ratings. I’ve noted 10 does have a history of getting readers to vote early, going back to Big Brother and Idol for instance, and their overall audience is on average younger than say, Seven or ABC. I think the underdog element does play into it yes. But readers are very vocal around 10 programming (especially the whole 6pm puzzle). As recently as last week they gave the thumbs down to a new look Living Room. Big Brother was well received. So there are always different equations.

    2. I think its because 10’s viewers (and 9’s tbh) are engaged viewers. Whereas 7’s viewers likely fell asleep and forgot to turn off after the news?
      Watching POO last night, there was barely a murmur on social media about it, it’s not that it’s a bad show, it is just dull i think

    3. I don’t see a political leaning with the comments and network alignment, I see people responding positively to risk taking and new ideas, vs reviving tried and tested formats.

      Ten, ABC and SBS cop a fair share of criticism on this site as well, and it seems people often forget that when defending their favourites.

  4. I must admit I was pretty excited about this. It was such a let down. Boring at best. I was done by the first break.
    The concept is great. The execution was a snooze. It’ll take a big hit tonight against Masked Singer + The Block

  5. I didn’t want to watch it, but I thought I’d give it a go. Then I got up during and ad break and forgot I was watching it! What I saw was everything I didn’t like about MKR the last time I began a season, years ago, with added faux bonhomie. Rating “just ahead of Shetland”! That says it all. Poor POO.

  6. Yes, this ratings result looks like more than a tummy upset based on the amount of publicity and promotion POO has been getting…will the last one out of the production office please flush.
    And be sure to wash your hands, this one’s a real stinker.

  7. Did any one else have issues with emojis being plastered over the faces of contestants in the ‘Week that was’ segments on the Block last night? I basically found it highly irritating and unnecessary! I only watch the weekly recap and reveals, with judges comments as the rest is filler. At least the weekly rehash was briefer than previous years!

    1. Watching the first ep lowlights on Gogglebox the other night, seems they want to keep kids engaged by integrating TikTok elements into the show…give older viewers reason to go elsewhere??

  8. Sad to see 10 literally sinking on Sundays…Family Feud needed to be on a weeknight to work.
    Hoping that they can bring out the big guns with MasterChef Jnr after Block & POO finishes and get their ratings back on track.

  9. didnt watch POO but wasnt interested I’d say that seven would be bitterly dissapointed with that debut, especially as ten basically gave them a free pass. With the block and masked singer as competition tonight POO may just drop further

  10. Was curious to see Plate of Origin only because of Matt and Gary. True to its name, POO. What happened to celebration of food? There’s already an MKR feel. I’ll be sticking to Family Feud (which I wish had more recognition) and The Block.

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