The Sunday Project: Aug 16

If it’s Sunday it must be the Azaria tale…

The Sunday Project interviews Lindy Chamberlain (who I believe is still Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton), on the same night that a Seven doco will also revisit the case.

To mark the 40th anniversary of Australia’s greatest miscarriage of justice, Lindy Chamberlain talks to The Sunday Project to reveal her personal story.

In this television exclusive, Lisa Wilkinson speaks with Lindy Chamberlain about the tragic events that saw her baby Azaria taken from an Uluru campsite by a dingo. It’s a story that divided a nation and changed the lives of the Chamberlain family forever.

6:30pm Sunday on 10.


  1. Nothing new or exclusive here. Lindy Chamberlain was interviewed on the ABC in March this year on their Life Matters program.

  2. Sounds like a decent exclusive and should lift ratings – also hands Seven a bit of a further boost for its own investigation/doco later the same evening I believe?

  3. Can’t they just leave this poor woman alone, Like she needs a freaking reminder it’s been 40 years since her life was turned upside down and lost her baby. this isn’t entertainment.

      • Could be Lindy is only doing so though to counter the Seven doco (The Lindy Tapes) that will revisit the case, may have thought it’s best to get on the front foot, if Seven had no Doco she may have not felt she needed to do that. All just my own supposition of course and the doco appears to be on Lindy’s side, however still I think I’d be getting ahead of it all if I wasn’t interviewed for that doco.

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