TV seeks permits to cross borders

Commercial TV have written to the Federal Government requesting explicit permission for journalists and production staff to travel over state borders during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports Free TV Australia is not seeking exemptions to quarantine rules, but has reiterated its concerns about the lack of clarity over permits which do not specifically describe media as an essential activity.

The issues range from local media workers being unable to apply for work permits and getting journalists and technical crews to Queensland so that they can cover the AFL. Documentaries and reality television shows are also being affected.

Yesterday broadcasting and production were given approval to remain open under Stage 4 in Victoria with a COVID-Safe Plan but Motion Picture and Sound Recording Activities must close for on-site work.

Photo: ABC


  1. I have little doubt that a tv production exemption would pass the pub test if it went wrong. Every industry has had to overcome change, disruptions and challenges they never though possible 6 months ago to work within rules. Using local staff instead of interstate staff seems like a minor inconvenience by comparison.
    It would be a long bow to say reality tv, documentaries and sport coverage is an essential service anyway.

  2. Each network already has state based reporters and crews they can cross to from interstate.
    If anything, only the ABC should get any exemptions being they are the designated national emergency broadcaster.

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