Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (UK): update

Updated: Nine will hold back on Jeremy Clarkson-hosted quiz for now.

Nine makes the surprise move to screen Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (UK) hosted by Jeremy Clarkson.

This is arguably another indication of networks needing to dig deep for programming during the pandemic.

Hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, contestants will compete for a top prize of one million pounds. They must answer fifteen questions correctly – and they have just a handful of lifelines to help them.

Clarkson stepped into the Millionaire chair in the UK in 2018.

Updated: now out of schedule, to be played when all 5 cities can be accommodated. Escape to the Chateau specials in place 7:30pm August 28 in Melb / Ade / Per

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  1. Whilst I’ve never really cared for the show, I’ve just watched the three part ‘Quiz’ on Binge about the cheating scandal where a British Major was charged with fraud over his million pound win. It was a reminder that : a) I’ve always found Chris Tarrent (the original WWTBAM-UK host) an odious cretin. b) Martin Sheen is so brilliant, he could play the role of ‘Paint drying’ for 10 hours straight and I still wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off him for a second.

  2. Bugger… not in Sydney. I wouldn’t mind tuning in to this. I hate the Hot Seat format and find Eddie “What poker face?” Maguire’s blatant giving away of the answers utterly intolerable. It amazes me that Hot Seat has run for so long when a brief run of the original Millionaire format in half-hour/nightly format was canned so quickly.

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