60 Minutes recruit loses appeal

Former NSW homicide detective Gary Jubelin has lost his appeal against a conviction for illegally recording a person of interest in the William Tyrrell investigation.

In April, Jubelin was found guilty of recording Paul Savage who lived next door to the three-year-old’s grandmother at the time of the disappearance in 2014. He was fined $10,000. The NSW detective resigned from the police force last year.

This week he was announced during the Nine Upfronts as a special contributor for 60 Minutes in 2021.

Outside the Parramatta District Court today, Jubelin said he was “disappointed” with the result but urged for investigations into the child’s 2014 disappearance to continue.

In April he was asked by 60 Minutes, if it had all been worth it?

“It probably wasn’t worth it. Because it’s taken me out of an environment  (where) I felt I as doing some good. But, again, line me up, same set of circumstances, and I’d probably do the same thing,” he said.

Savage is no longer a person of interest.

Source: Nine News, Yahoo

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