Airdate: Junior MasterChef

Fourteen young cooks aged 9-14 are ready to impress in reality revival.

Junior MasterChef will premiere on 10 on Sunday week.

The series last screened in 2011 but was swiftly greenlit after the production sector went into shutdown this year.

There are 14 contenders ready to impress, indicating a shorter run than the mothership.

Almost 2,000 aspiring young cooks aged 9-14 from right around the country applied to follow their food dreams and become part of Junior MasterChef Australia 2020.

A talented final crop auditioned in front of judges Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen before the Top 14 talented tiny chefs-in-the-making were selected and handed their coveted aprons, walking through the famous doors to take their places in the competition.

Having grown up watching their idols in the very same MasterChef kitchen, it’s now their turn to fire up the ovens, get their pots and pans, and race to the pantry to create the most inventive, incredible and delicious dishes they have ever cooked to impress the judges, and special guest chefs alike.

Sunday, 11 October at 7.30pm on 10.

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  1. Part of me wants to watch this but another part of me doesn’t want to. Maybe it’s because the kids cook stuff that I would struggle with but it also means another show where we get to see Jock, Mel and Andy again.

    Plus some of the kids are pretty cute and I noticed Sashi’s son is on there to.

  2. Ugh. I can understand why people watch this And I don’t begrudge anyone who enjoys Junior Masterchef… but for me it’s just filled with a bunch of insufferably pretentious kids… I get enough of that from people in adulthood.

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