Anh’s Brush with Fame: Sept 15

The subject tonight on Anh’s Brush with Fame is Father Bob Maguire (who had a birthday yesterday).

Retired Catholic priest Father Bob Maguire is a lovable larrikin. From tough beginnings, he dedicated his life to helping the homeless and turning his South Melbourne parish into a haven for those in need. How will Anh capture his sense of humour and compassion?

Production details: Screentime.

8pm tonight on ABC.


  1. Rewind 11 years – Father Bob Maguire said Australia’s Catholic leader, George Pell, is punishing him for being “open to all” by forcing him to retire from his parish. The church has ordered Father Maguire to resign after 38 years as South Melbourne’s parish priest. “George Pell has declared those of us Vatican II-ists to be Cafeteria Catholics whereas he and his lot are authentic Catholics,” Father Maguire said.” (The West Australian) More words unnecessary. Belated Happy Birthday Father Bob. May He grant you many more.

  2. Happy belated birthday Father Bob! 🎂🎈I’ve been waiting for this episode as I never missed a show of his Triple J radio program he presented with John Safran.

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