Anh’s Brush with Fame: Sept 22

The subject this week on Anh’s Brush with Fame is Gruen‘s own Todd Sampson.

Advertising guru Todd Sampson is drawn to adventure. An unconventional education gave him an escape from small town Canada and led to great things around the world in advertising and beyond. Can Anh capture his fearless determination and thirst for life?

8pm Tuesday on ABC.


  1. Fantastic, Todd gets to talk about himself for another 30 minutes.
    No thanks.
    By the way , why all the commercial ( particularly Channel 10 this series ) TV faces on this show…we have had Lisa Wilkinson and now Todd Sampson ?
    Much prefer the legends like Jack Thompson and unsung heroes like Father Bob Maguire , and the Cave Diver Hero etc. ..surprised ABC agrees to promoting other networks, perhaps they feel sorry for Ten ?

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