Auditions: Beauty & the Geek Australia

Casting is now underway for Beauty and the Geek Australia for Nine.

“Big-hearted beauties and geeky guys will pair up to compete for a big cash prize. There are challenges in each episode testing the beauties on primarily academic subjects and another that has the geeks competing in a more popular social realm. The winners of the challenges select two teams to compete against each other in an elimination quiz. The team with the least correct answers is eliminated,” a casting note states.

“The last teams standing battle it out for the cash prize and the coveted title of Beauty and the Geek champions 2021.”

To be hosted by Sophie Monk the show is looking for single Beauties and Geeks between the ages of 18 – 35.

Filming is set for up to 7 weeks between mid January – Early March, 2021.

The closing date for applications is 16th November 2020 and you can apply here.


  1. Its funny how Nine had a dig at Seven for stealing their shows and they’ve just turned around and did the same lol. I actually enjoyed this show back in the day. It was like a guilty pleasure. Be interesting to see what Nine does with it.

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