Auditions: Farmer Wants a Wife

Meet 26 year old Beef & Fodder farmer Matt from Orbost, Victoria.

Seven has already announced a batch of single farmers for Farmer Wants a Wife for 2021.

That’s fast given the show only ended on air last week.

There are 5 single blokes from Victoria, NSW and QLD presented -although not all are guaranteed of final casting, subject to such factors as how many single women nominate interest.

The show is also still open to single farmers (this year the casting application allows for Male / Female / Not Specified). When the series was previously on Nine it included one single female farmer.

You can apply for either farmer / wife roles here.


  1. Just thinking: “Farmer wants a partner” or “Farmer wants to marry” would be more inclusive, rather than the heteronormativity that pervades mainstream reality. Yes I know their have been improvements, but I felt inclined to share my view and suggestion 🙂

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