Bad Mothers, Squinters look to US adaptations

Producers Jungle Entertainment are preparing two more original shows for the US market.

It may have had a short-run of one season on Nine, but local drama Bad Mothers may yet see another life in the US.

Producers Jungle Entertainment are currently preparing their drama, along with ABC comedy Squinters, for a US adaptation.

It follows successful adaptations of both Review, A Moody Christmas and No Activity. It has also seen success selling Mr. Inbetween to FX.

Bad Mothers centres around suburban mothers and their schoolyard challenges, complicated by a murder, whilst Squinters is a car-pooling comedy.

Jason Burrows and Trent O’Donnell spoke to Deadline about their booming portfolio, noting that part of their success in the US is remaining creatively involved with shows when they are produced stateside.

“Generally, our best-selling tool has been the Australian version of the show that we’ve made, and when we’ve managed to sell the formats, it tends to be that as much as we’re selling the format, we’re also selling the voices behind them,” Lloyd said. “We’re not as much in the business of making a format and sort of just pushing it out off a cliff into other territories as much as being able to be creatively involved.”

Jungle currently in production in Australia: drama Wakefield for and two-part documentary The Democracy Project (working title) which will both air on ABC. Season 3 of Foxtel’s Mr. Inbetween is expected to go next in front of the camera.

“We hope to continue with shows like Mr. Inbetween where we can make them in Australia for the rest of the world, and we’re also really open to exploring making U.S. shows in Australia with U.S. partners if we can be making them more quickly than the market over there.”

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