Battle for the airwaves

Nine has knocked Seven out of a prized radio promotion slot on Nova FM’s Kate, Tim & Joel drive time radio show.

Promoting your 6pm news as people are driving home is tradition and marketing strategy that goes back decades.

Nine already owns talk radio stations around the country but The Australian reports while Seven bid upwards of $500,000 in cash and contra to promote its bulletins in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne it has been beaten in the bidding by Nine.

Not even Kate Ritchie’s long ties to Seven are going to override the sales department on this one.

Nine still has ground to make up, with Seven regularly leading in the news ratings.


  1. 10 used to sponsor 3AW. I remember a cross by Derryn Hinch to Helen Kapalos in late 2012 previewing 10’s 5pm News that night… Interestingly, this was weeks before both were infamously sacked from their respective organisations.

  2. I know we are a TV community… but I’d just like to comment on the replacement for Marty on the newly names Kate, Tim and Joel show on Nova. One week in and I’ve switched off. Joel doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work.

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