Camera operators go in Nine move

EXCLUSIVE: A number of camera operators at TCN9 are being made redundant as the network moves to its new home in North Sydney.

Nine studios in the new North Sydney headquarters are evidence of increasing automation in the industry and the broadcaster is consulting with camera operators on redundancy. Shows regularly produced at the historic Willoughby site largely comprise Nine News, Today, Today Extra, A Current Affair, 60 Minutes and various Sport programs.

TV Tonight understands the number of affected roles is less than 10, but Nine is not alone in the transition to automation, which has been impacting camera departments for years.

It will mark the end of an era when the network completes its shift to North Sydney next month.

Nine declined to comment.


  1. In proof that robots can think for themselves, you only have to watch ABC Melbourne 7pm News where at least once a week the robotic camera gets bored and goes for a little trip around the studio. Automation is fabulous for goof tapes haha

  2. How will they do big event shows and music stuff? Sure you can hire freelancers for that day but whose gunna have those skills in 10 years time when nobody’s a camera operator anymore? Very short sightedness me thinks

    • … the point is “they” (Nine) don’t and haven’t for years … “big events and music shows” are done by external production companies and yes, they hire freelancers for the gig … and you’re absolutely right, in the past regional television was the breeding ground, smaller metro stations took them from there and finally camera operators (and others across all the skills required) would make it to “the big time” in Sydney and Melbourne … none of that now exists – and it’s already showing … but it’s the same across the world so it ain’t gunna change (in the short term at least) …

      • battlestargalactica

        Of course the situation now unfolding in this country is that there’s demand for a whole bunch of experienced camera operators on weekends to shoot sport, with very little for them to do Monday-Thursday. It’s turning a highly specialised career into a niche part-time job.

    • Automation is everywhere. In fact, most multiplex cinemas don’t even use a projectionist. Essentially, the movie is a digital file that plays the same way it would on a home computer. Everything is standardised input. To a large extent, it’s loaded at the beginning of the week and the clock plays it out.

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