Chris Hemsworth live moment bumps local kids

An impromptu weather report from Thor leaves hosts in awe -and some missing out.

Weekend Today‘s Lauren Phillips managed a coup when she surprised hosts Richard Wilkins & Rebecca Maddern with a surprise appearance from Chris Hemsworth.

Thor even gave an impromptu weather report, from a field in Scone NSW.

The downside to the story was plans to film some young cheerleaders from Ballina was shelved when the crew could not make it in time.

“They say they will reschedule but I don’t think that will happen,” Kev Graham, father of two cheerleaders, told news.com.au.

“I understand that Chris is the golden ticket for ratings but I think most families that watch Today would have loved watching the athletes show off their sport.

“For some families it would even be an introduction to competitive cheerleading in Australia.”

Nine declined to comment.

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  1. With full respect to the cheerleaders, I think they made the right decision here. The opportunity to have one of the biggest stars in the world reading the weather is incredible. They made the right to decision to jump on that opportunity when it came to them. I’m sure they can organise another time to film with the cheerleaders.

  2. Unfortunate as it is, can you imagine the response if those in the field told their superiors in Sydney that Chris Hemsworth wandered into their shot, but they turned him away to accommodate some cheerleading children?

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