Footy Classified: Sept 2

Eddie McGuire will appear in Footy Classified tonight from the AFL hub on the Gold Coast.

He joins Sam McClure, Caroline Wilson, Ross Lyon and Matthew Lloyd with all the latest details about the Grand Final.

The panel will break down all the key elements of the biggest day on the footy calendar, including the latest on the AFL’s preparations for the first ever night Grand Final.

Plus, the agony and ecstasy from Adelaide’s first win of the season over the hapless Hawks. Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson is now facing a long road back with a “compromised draft”.

And Fox Footy apologise for missing the mark in a quarter-time tribute to Essendon milestone man Cale Hooker

As well as the regular favourites: Ross The Boss, Caro’s Final Five and You’re Quite Brilliant.

11:10pm tonight on Nine.

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