1. Any ideas on whether Halifax: Retribution would return for a second season? I’m really enjoying the series and I’d be more than happy to watch another!

    • My educated guess would be looks promising, but may not be for 2021. Today’s new rules will need some analysis alongside Timeshifted numbers. And it would need international sales. Agree the series has held up well, I’ve watched it all.

  2. Really enjoying Halifax. Loved the twist last night with Claudia Karvan’s character. She has been great in this show. Nice to see Stingray from neighbours appear in it. Looking forward to the final next week.

  3. harrypotter1994

    There’s been a lot of talk about lower than usual numbers especially with Melbourne in lockdown. I’m wondering if on the reality front at least because the water cooler chat had been removed if people preferred watching dramas and comedies.

    • These are broad statements but here goes: News went up during the pandemic. Streaming also went up, which is dominated by scripted. On FTA Reality has had mixed results, dependent on the show and other factors. Scripted has also had mixed results, some held up, others have not. Overall I don’t feel FTA went up during lockdown / curfew.

    • Isn’t that just a saying .. like people talk / gossip about juicy details the next day in more then one form .. they don’t have to be exactly standing at the water fountain at the office to do so 🤣🤣🤓

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