Junior MasterChef: promo

10 has released its first promo for Junior MasterChef, which sees the judges return for pint-sized cooks serving up some stunning dishes.

Greenlit and filmed during lockdown conditions, this is a short-run series tipped to screen when The Bachelor concludes. 10 also has Body Hack and, in a later slot, 6 part comedy Drunk History hitting screens next week.

The series previously screened in 2011.


  1. Our child loves these shows, so we’ve been going through the 90 odd episodes of ‘Chopped Junior’ on 7Flix. It’s amazing what the kids can do. On that show, they’re thrown weird ingredients and have to cobble together something, which they always seem to pull off.

    Just by the by, I noticed that a common factor amongst most of the children on Chopped Junior was that they often mentioned travelling the world. It will be interesting to see if that follows on MasterChef Junior.

  2. I can barely make salad and these kids are making edible renaissance sculptures. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I caught the promo last night. I bet their parents would never have to cook. 😛

  3. Really looking forward to seeing and seeing the promo stunned me with their creativity.
    Ps .You forgot the J in junior.Happens to me all the time.

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