Nine open to Cricket return

Nine is open to a return to Cricket if the price is right.

The future of Australian cricket’s $1.18 billion television deal remains uncertain with Seven and Foxtel both eager to secure significant discounts, claiming a substandard Big Bash League brought about by international player hubs will diminish the quality.

Seven chief James Warburton has warned the network could terminate its six-year $450m contract.

“In the right circumstances, if the strategy is right, of course we would be interested in re-engaging,” CEO Hugh Marks said yesterday.

“We always loved international cricket. We’ve had a very close relationship through past owners and managers of this business and of course it’s something we’re always interested in because it’s got huge value going forward.”

Marks said he “knew for a fact as well that Ten remains interested in the Big Bash.”

Seven boss James Warburton said in a statement his meeting on Friday with CA interim chief Nick Hockley had been “constructive”.

“No decisions were made but we have agreed to keep talking,” Warburton said.

10 declined to comment.

Source: The Age


  1. I’d love to see international cricket return to Nine and I’d love to see the Big Bash return to 10!

    Seven would have to be bloody stupid to rip up this deal!

    • Why? If it no longer makes economic sense for them to have it and they have a way out they would be stupid not to rip it up. I doubt it still stacks up economically.

    • That’s true ,but i think by extending the BBL the damage is done and viewer and crowd fatigue has set in and not to mention the pandemic we’re going through has changed things alot.

      • Not to mention the greed of CA by locking away the Saturday evening BBL on pay tv! No wonder it flopped on Seven if you could not see every match by breaking viewer consistency following their favourite teams.

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