No symptoms but Hugh Sheridan reveals positive COVID test

Updated: "I currently have no symptoms & haven’t had this whole time, I am so lucky," says Hugh Sheridan.

Actor Hugh Sheridan has revealed he has tested positive for COVID-19, but is not experiencing any symptoms.

Sheridan has been self-isolating in a Sydney hotel having returned from the US.

On Instagram he told his followers, “If u missed the rather iconic moment Sunday when I was insta live “playing DJ” to entertain other quarantine peeps when cops came to my door mid set 👍🏽… I thought It best to fill the rest of u in. I’ve been quiet for the last few days cause I’ve been feeling all the varied emotions about my positive Covid test. I haven’t felt like talking to anyone much yet. I had a negative result when I arrived, I now know all my friends including who took me to LAX airport are all negative so it’s been confusing for me, it’s scary, frustrating & lonely. I always preach that it’s OK to not feel okay & to let people know how you feel.

“So by writing my honest feelings I’m trying to help release stigma around guys talking about feeling blue. I realise that there are SO MANY people in far worse situations than me right now, it’s the main reason I haven’t wanted to talk publicly about my own situation. I currently have no symptoms & haven’t had this whole time, I am SO LUCKY & I keep reminding myself to count each blessing 1 by 1.

“To everyone: this virus is seriously clever. Knowing now, that no one I saw back home overseas has it means I got it in a very short space of time (in transit or a surface) while I had minimal human contact.

“I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to the quarantine staff for being so kind during this time, even if it’s just over the phone, u me help a lot! The RPA Virtual Hospital have also been amazingly informative & positive (emotionally). Thank u to to all the health workers out there working day & night for patients much worse off that me. I wanted to be honest with u because we all have good days & not so good days & without days like my last few the good ones wouldn’t feel as good!

“To everyone that received a positive Covid test, I now know how that feels, I wish we could all be together so we could offer each other a shoulder or even better a HUG! If I’m not on social media as much it’s not necessarily cause I’m down, it’s cause it can make me feel a lil worse for the moment. So I’m tuning out & taking time to focus on editing my script “The Dance”, appropriately it deals with how to get through! This too shall pass. I AM OK! 👌🏼 #somuchlove”

Sheridan is due to resume filming on Back to the Rafters for Amazon Prime which is hoping to restart soon.

Best wishes, here’s to a speedy recovery, Hugh!



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  1. I wonder if the masked singer casts more recent test results will be publicised? i have a feeling that if 17 people tested positive so soon after being exposed then there is a lot more news to come considering the incubation period is 14 days.

  2. ““To everyone that received a positive Covid test, I now know how that feels,”
    Well, not quite. He can’t really empathise with those on a ventilator.
    But full marks for posting his support and encouragement.

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