Optus TV added to Samsung Smart TVs

Optus Sport is now available on Samsung Smart TV sets from 2016 and onwards via a software update.

Optus’ Head of TV and Content, Corin Dimopoulos said, “We don’t just want to be the home of premium football, but also a mainstay on the TV‘s of every Australian.

“How we watch TV is changing by the day, and data continues to show that streaming services dominate our data consumption and viewing habits.”

“We want to provide an experience that not only gives our subscribers the ability to watch the world’s biggest leagues at home or on the go, but also to give them the choice to watch it on their preferred streaming platform.”

Hass Mahdi, Director of Audio Visual, Samsung Electronics Australia said, “Aussies are arguably some of the most passionate sports fans in the world. The partnership with Optus Sports allows for our customers to have an easier way to get behind their favourite football players and never miss a goal.

“The way we are utilising our TVs has changed and Samsung is committed to offering more choice and experiences via the Smart TV platform.”

Subscribers will also have access to Optus Sport’s new OS Fitness platform, with dedicated fitness workouts.

“If you’re like me and have been spending a bit too much time perched up on the couch, the OS fitness has a heap of great at-home workouts that gets the blood pumping, all without having to leave the living room,” he added.

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