rage: Sept 5

Big hair, tight pants.... it's a Glam Metal special on rage.

Tomorrow rage will screen a Glam Metal special.

Think pop-influenced hooks, hectic riffs, sing-along lyrics, bold clothing, flashy accessories, and back-combed hair higher than the Empire State Building.

As the rage team says, “But we’re not just taking you back to the 1980s when glam/hair metal reigned supreme. We’ll also be paying homage to the genre’s forerunners of the 1970s with videos from the likes of Van Halen, Alice Cooper and Kiss, all the way to the tail end of the glam metal heyday in the early 1990s. So, whip out your headband, squeeze into your tightest pants, slather on the eyeliner, dust off the biker jacket, douse yourself in hairspray and get ready to air-guitar along to those epic solos as we play you nothing but hair-raising glam/hair metal videos all night long…because it’s more than a musical genre, it’s a lifestyle.”

Here are a few of the videos:

Lita Ford – ‘Kiss Me Deadly’
Van Halen – ‘Panama’
Whitsnake – ‘Here I Go Again’
Motley Crue – ‘Kickstart My Heart’
Def Leppard – ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’

11am plus 11:50pm Saturday September 5 on ABC.

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  1. I didn’t see it, but I know that the ABC has a large collection of glam rock videos which can’t be broadcast nowadays because the performers have since been charged with paedophilia and child abuse offences.

  2. Yes, for sure. Looks to be more focussing on tacky 80s ‘ Hair bands’ , not so much
    the original Glam rock bands and artists.
    Would much rather see a true Glam Rock special featuring Sweet, Roxy Music, Marc Bolan, early Bowie etc. Sweet in particular were the true essence of those times.. with bassist Steve Priest passing away a few months back , sad that only one of the four is still with us..

  3. I’d like to see the more rhythmic glam rock in a rage full-night special sometime. Think Suzi Quatro, The Sweet, Adam Ant, Racey etc. Glam metal has its fans though is a more heavier genre.

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