Renewed: Superwog


EXCLUSIVE: Good news. Raucous ABC comedy Superwog is getting renewed for a second season.

Created, written by and starring Theodore Saidden and Nathan Saidden, the series was the first original scripted series to air on ABC Comedy.

It instantly resonated with younger viewers in 2018 -with much of its success happening online. On YouTube some episodes have racked up over 11m views, while the Superwog YouTube channel has 1.63m subscribers.

Both Saidden brothers, who each play multiple roles in the Princess Pictures series, have also won wide critical praise.

ABC declined to comment but the broadcaster will announce 2021 shows in coming weeks.

Language! Duh.


  1. I love diversity in comedy adored Black comedy…mm but this isn’t actually funny…. Anyone? Come on lustrate how it funny?…. ABC should have saved some more Money…

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