Report: Seven, Foxtel to sign V8 Supercars deal

Potential new deal could be announced as early as Tuesday.

V8 Supercars is poised to sign a new five-year agreement with Foxtel and Seven West Media as early as this week, according to media reports.

The Australian Financial Review reports Supercars chief executive Sean Seamer will speak at a Foxtel event on Tuesday.

Seven CEO James Warburton is also a former CEO of Supercars.

Sources were conflicted on what the agreement was worth, with one suggesting the deal, which includes cash payments, contra (free advertising) and revenue sharing arrangements, would be worth more than $200 million over five years. Other sources suggested it would be lower.

Sources said Seven would pay about $4 million per year, on average, not including contra or upside from revenue-sharing sponsorship deals.

The current six-year $241 million deal between 10 and Foxtel finishes at the end of the 2020 season.

Seven, Foxtel and Supercars declined to comment.

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  1. Considering the relatively low amount of media attention it gets, Supercars is a quiet achiever on Foxtel – ratings are higher than most other mid-tier sports and even getting amongst AFL and NRL on occasion, for example yesterday.

  2. Channel 7 are a serious copout. Crying poor over cricket but hey lets spend on V8s instead which is the lesser rating sport too out of prime time most of the time too. Its baffling, seriously baffling.

  3. Considering that Holden will no longer be associated with Supercars let alone have zero presence in the country and Ford only being a US import I wonder why they are even bothering.
    It no longer will have the appeal it had and even that is waning now ,no doubt they’ll import more American cars to compensate for the fact our industry died years ago.

  4. its funny how all networks are crying about downturn in the advertising dollar but then pay 25 million for cricket 4million for supercars, yet make redundant good people who were loyal to the brand for 20 years or ask others to take paycuts. its just sad.

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