Returning: Archer, The Young Offenders

New seasons of comedies have premieres on ABC Comedy.

Season 10 of Archer has its Free to Air premiere tonight on ABC Comedy.

This is the final season with creator Adam Reed as showrunner (but an 11th Season is due). It premiered in the US in May last year.

“1999: Bort The Garj”
Archer and the crew of the Seamus wake up to the smell of shepherd’s pie and see a business opportunity in their new guest.

8:55pm tonight on ABC Comedy.

It is followed at 9:15pm with Season 2 of Irish comedy The Young Offenders. This premiered internationally last November.

Irresponsible friends Conor and Jock are up to their old tricks again, this time trying to outsmart the police by doing the exact opposite of what they would expect – with hilariously disastrous consequences.

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