Returning: Victoria

Season 3 of Victoria, starring Jenna Coleman, begins on ABC next month.

This debuted internationally in January 2019.

No further episodes have been produced but Coleman recently indicated an interest in returning when she is older.

Jenna Coleman revives her role as Queen Victoria in the new series of Victoria. As revolution sweeps across Europe and reaches Britain, Victoria, heavily pregnant, is shocked by the unexpected arrival of her half-sister and the deposed King of the French. The Chartist movement threatens the monarchy and Victoria must confront the fact that her people may wish to end her reign.

Downstairs, Skerrett and Francatelli plan a future together and a new footman, Joseph, arrives. Victoria and Albert must grapple with Lord Palmerston, the incendiary Foreign Secretary, and Lord John Russell, the hapless Prime Minister. The mob attempts to storm the Palace and Victoria and Albert decide to flee, until Victoria suddenly goes into labour.

Production details: Mammoth Screen, distributed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

7:30pm Saturday October 17 on ABC.

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