SBS on Demand: The Head

International crime drama The Head begins this Friday at SBS on Demand -with a murder in a remote Polaris VI Antarctic station (did they send Ricky Martin in to solve it?).

This screens in English, Danish, and Swedish with English subtitles.

All six episodes available to stream.

The Head is a murder mystery like no other, a survival thriller set in the most remote place on earth. A puzzle box that will unfold in three separate timelines told through the conflicting testimonies of the last two survivors of an Antarctic mission.

The audience will have to decide what really happened in the Polaris VI station during the winter and who they can trust to unveil the mysteries preserved by the ice. Shot in the Canary Islands and Iceland, it tells the story of a group of scientists stationed in Antarctica who are trying to fight climate change but stop communicating with the outside world.

Friday, 25 September on SBS On Demand.

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