Stan Grant returns to ABC News

Stan Grant is returning to ABC News as International Affairs Analyst.

He was formerly ABC’s Global Affairs and Indigenous Affairs Analyst presenting The Link and Matter of Fact, but in 2019 he moved to Qatar to work with Al Jazeera English. In April he was also appointed Vice-Chancellor’s Chair of Australian-Indigenous Belonging at Charles Sturt University.

He recently fronted an episode of Four Corners, noting he was the first indigenous presenter in the show’s nearly six decade history.

He will now provide stories and analysis for ABC Online, 7.30, Four Corners, audio current affairs and TV news. This will include contributing to a new regular China segment on The World each Thursday night, produced by the News Channel and the Asia Pacific Newsroom team.

“The world is at a critical period,” Grant said. “Coronavirus has laid waste to our economies and revealed our fragility at the same time as democracy is in retreat and a more authoritarian China is reshaping global power.

“I’m really looking forward to drawing on my three decades as a reporter covering the big conflicts and stories of our time and joining the dots of that for Australians.”

Director, News Gaven Morris said, “Covering the China story is a priority, and we’re actively examining a range of options for how ABC News will continue to provide Australians with the most complete and authoritative reporting and analysis.

“Stan Grant is one of Australia’s most knowledgeable and respected journalists, with extensive direct China experience, and it’s terrific to have him as part of the ABC team.”


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