The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty: Sept 27

Episode 2 turns it attention to the hacking scandal in the British press.

Episode 2 of The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty titled “The Rebel Alliance” turns it attention to the hacking scandal in the British press and the role of editor Rebekah Brooks.

The Rebel Alliance tells the story of a disparate group of individuals whose mission is to expose criminality and wrongdoing within Murdoch’s Empire. This group includes movie star Hugh Grant, Formula 1 boss Max Mosley and investigative journalist Nick Davies. Together they try to expose the criminality that has been taking place within the Murdoch Empire.

The story begins amid calls of nepotism, with Rupert putting his son James in charge of BSkyB Television, a move that will test Murdoch’s youngest son’s suitability to succeed his father in running the family business.

A general election is on the horizon, and the political classes circle Murdoch in search of his support. At Rebekah Brooks’ opulent wedding in the Cotswolds, Gordon Brown and David Cameron vie for Rupert’s political affections. Cameron seems to be the favoured one, not least because he’s good friends with Rebekah’s new husband: Charlie Brooks. On the very same day of the wedding, investigative reporter Nick Davies begins work on a story that will blow a hole in the Murdoch Empire. A chance meeting between Nick Davies and millionaire Max Mosley leads to an anti-Murdoch alliance forming, a network that grows to include actor Hugh Grant and Labour politician Tom Watson.

Journalist Nick Davies uncovers further criminality within Murdoch’s organisation. He finds links to an exMurdoch editor who is now working closely with David Cameron, allegedly hired because of his access to the Murdoch Empire. It’s all become very cozy, and to some, very wrong.

7:40pm Sunday on ABC.

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  1. If you would prefer to watch this series in full; or at least as originally broadcast on BBC2, then I suggest that you use alternative method(s) to do so (eg. BBC iPlayer), since the ABC is cutting 10 mins from the show to fit their “schedule”.

    What really annoys me is … Why can’t the ABC put up the full 60 min episodes on iView?

      1. I’ll be honest and say … no I haven’t, but if you look at the the starting time; 8:40pm, then a 10 min cut fits nicely. BBC2 is also a ad free BBC channel as is ABC1.

        I could send a email to the ABC, which based, on other emails I’ve sent in the past, will be answered in around 4 to 6 weeks time (good on ’em for answering emails though).

        We all have our “pet hates” and for me this is 1 of ’em. I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to watch a show in full, just because we live in a different market, or the broadcasting channel here has ads, or the reality show beforehand always runs ‘overtime’, etc. etc. It doesn’t matter who is doing the cutting or why. It’s the reason why we gave up watching ‘The Last Leg’ a number of years ago on the ABC because 8 mins is cut from the original ITV broadcast (& that’s not counting the ads).

        Sorry, I’ll step down from the soap…

          1. Thanks David. I accept that if the BBC is cutting 10 mins from the international version then that’s obviously outside ABC’s control.

            It also looks like I reached the character limit without realising … oh well.

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