Tubi streaming rises in Australia

Ad-supported streaming platform notes a 242% growth in viewing time in Australia.

Hands up if you use Tubi, the ad-supported streaming service which doesn’t carry a monthly subscription fee?

The platform launched in Australia a year ago with nearly 7,000 movies and TV series.

The San Francisco-based company, which FOX acquired earlier this year for $440 million, has announced a record number of Monthly Active Users (MAU) and Total View Time (TVT) in 2020.

In August, Tubi’s MAU1 reached 33 million global users, an increase of 65% year-on-year.

TVT surpassed 200 million hours streamed in April – and has been above 200 million hours each month since – with an average increase of 104% year-over-year.

Internationally, Tubi reports “record increases in all countries it operates. Year-over-year TVT rose by 95% in Canada, and 242% in Australia, which is presumably coming off a low base given it launched in Australia in September 2019.

You can read more on TV Tonight‘s interview with Tubi CEO Farhad Massoudi here. The service doesn’t even require a member sign-up.

Source: ITWire

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  1. I only discovered Tubi recently. It has a lot of shows I had heard about but that hadn’t been on free tv since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I’ve already checked out some of the Carol Burnett Show and Fury. But they also have Dobie Gillis, Patty Duke and Car 54 where are you! Which if I ever get the time would love to see. I always wondered why Fox Classics or Gem never thought to show these.

  2. Tubi proved to be a real surprise for me when a friend recommended it. Vast amounts of content from recent-ish movies to B-grade horror, tv shows of the past, even heaps of 1930s westerns which interested me and probably two other people, but at least it was out there.

    I find myself watching Tubi more than the paid providers I have signed up for (Netflix, Prime, Shudder) and being pretty entertained. The commercials are a bit of a pain but seem to be no more than a handful an hour, which is tolerable.

    From the Just Watch websites lists they seem to upload masses of content each week. Last Saturday they put up 121 titles, the previous week 176 and 133 before that. A pretty huge amount of content to wade through, not all of it good but this is a streamer where quantity seems to be the main objective. Very pleased with it personally.

  3. I watch a lot of Tubi at the moment. There are some fantastic hidden gems. There is a great selection of LGBTQ’s documentaries and movies. The ad breaks are minimal, one movie I watched had one ad break of 15 seconds and that was it. Love it…

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