US Presidential Debates 2020 on Nine

Nine is screening the US Presidential Debate live on Wednesday at 11am AEST.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden will go head-to-head in the first of three US presidential debates tomorrow, with live coverage to be shown on Nine and 9Now from 11.00am AEST.

Peter Overton will present the broadcast from our American partners CNN, with the entire debate to be aired commercial-free.

Chief Nine News U.S. Correspondent Amelia Adams will be reporting live on location in Cleveland, Ohio.

Senior Nine News political reporter Charles Croucher will be providing expert analysis.

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered the way in which the Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns have been fought this year, with these debates taking on even more significance than ever.

The three debates are expected to be the only times the two presidential candidates will appear alongside each other before the US election is held on November 3

With the countdown on to one of the most important US elections in recent times, the debates are sure to provide some of the top political moments of this campaign season.

Nine’s Morning News will then follow… at 12:30pm.


  1. Trump’s presidency is more of a “cult” rather than being a rational political career regardless of anyone’s political preferences. There have been some great GoP Presidents over the decades/centuries. Current GoP reps and senators have effectively been imasculated and relegated to being a flock of obedient sheep. OTH, Biden is no great shakes.
    The first 2 eps of 6 of ‘Watergate’ went to air on SBS last night. There are frightening similarities between Nixon and Trump. Dan Rather (now aged 88) said some 18 hours ago that Trump’s recent speeches are the words of a dictator because he says that Trump won’t guarantee a smooth transfer of power if that needs to occur in January.
    I’ve seen much on Watergate over the years, but the doco on SBS is extremely illuminating – it’s quite disturbing.

    • There’s crazy cult-like beliefs on both sides. A lady in the Q&A audience the other week said she fears Trump will come out as being like Hitler in his second turn. That is divorced from reality. Yet plenty of people are that deluded.

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