Wentworth set leaves location

The location for Wentworth, a former Newport education site, has been deconstructed of its prison fittings after filming concluded earlier this month.

But they may be given to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image at Federation Square. Or are there other notions afoot?

“The Victorian Government have plans for that site, we always had to move out of there this year,” executive producer Jo Porter has told the Herald Sun. “But we’ve relocated sites once before.”

Indeed. The first three seasons were filmed at an old pharmaceutical factory in Clayton. The Newport site is set to be razed, likely for apartments.

Last night the final episode of Season 8 Part I screened on FOX Showcase, with the final 10 episodes to screen next year.

But, as recently tipped by TV Tonight, producers Fremantle have also not ruled out other plans for the show.

Script Producer Marcia Gardner recently said, “I believe that anything is possible. But that’s out of my hands. It’s entirely up to Foxtel.”

“Never say never,” Porter also indicates. “It feels like this chapter of the show has finished. This season has had a big spike in audience domestically. We’re getting new audiences all the time. There’s a few characters who survive, there are possibilities but at the moment we’re focusing on this being a beautiful bow to draw a close to this chapter.”


  1. There were a couple of OMG moments in Wentworth last night. Allys last moments on earth? And the return of the freaks memory. Hope the nasty freak returns next yeah.

  2. I disagree with the Ren and Lu storyline. I think it’s worked well. But my thoughts on the finale were in amongst a few truly awesome moments: “I am the freak!”… it felt like it was in a big hurry with a lot of its plot lines, and it didn’t feel as much a finale as a bridge to setting up the final run of episodes. All in all, as always, it was a top notch production… but it moved so quickly I didn’t have time to process a few of the significant events that occurred (Ally! Judy! Reb! Linda! Boomer! Dr Miller!… the list goes on…), and I feel like that is what this show has always done really well…. and that is make the big moments matter.
    I think there is plenty more life in the series yet.
    Another stellar season that will culminate in what will surely be one helluva final run!!!

  3. In my opinion they peaked way too early with the Joan Ferguson character.
    They should have taken the same direction as Prisoner did with such an iconic character.
    The show lost credibility when Joan rose from the grave.
    The Reb and Lou storyline hasn’t worked either this year.
    The final 5 minutes of the current season were the best.
    It’s 100% time to close the gates.

  4. Last night’s finale was phenomenal. I was in tears and messaging my fellow Wentworth junkies through today all about it. I simply don’t want it to end yet.

  5. I really enjoyed the latest season and I’m sad to realize that there is only one season left! I would like to see a spin-off series, but what on earth could be covered in the story-line?

  6. I think it’s the right time to wrap up the show rather than finding new storylines. This season’s Lou and Reb storyline has been a drag and even the Boomer story in the call center was uneventful. At least the season ended with the last five minutes being a good set up for the final 10 episodes in 2021, which I don’t understand why they don’t call Season 9.

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